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Auction conditions for the bidder

1. The award is made according to the highest bid in the hall or by written bid or by telephone to the last bidder. If the auctioneer overlooks a non-considered highest bid when the bid is accepted, he is entitled to call out the lot number again.


2. Catalog descriptions are made with the greatest care and to the best of the auctioneer's knowledge and belief, but no liability can be assumed for the information. The auction items are displayed as viewed. The parts come from private consignments, including the liquidation of an estate, are in their original condition, ie used and unrestored. Any warranty for legal and material defects is thereby void. Complaints cannot be taken into account after the bid has been accepted. A detailed preview is appropriate. Status descriptions by telephone are conscientious, but are not legally binding.


3. The call begins with the limit price specified in the catalog. These limit prices are not fallen below.


4. The auction house is not liable for hidden defects and a return is at the discretion of the auctioneer after consultation with the consignor.


5. In the event of a tie, the table bid comes first.


6. Hall bidders receive a bidder number from the auction house at the beginning of the auction after registration and identification. Without a bidder number there is no award. Written or fax bids receive an internal number from the auction house. Telephone bidders can only bid with a limit of € 150 or more. Bids below € 150 are only accepted in writing
taken. Sub-bids will not be accepted at the auction.
Limits specified in orders do not include any premium. The order forms should be filled out carefully and legibly. If there are differences between catalog numbers and descriptions, the catalog number applies. Written and telephone bids can be accepted until 1:00 p.m. on the day of the auction (by telephone, fax or email). Bids received later have no legal entitlement to execution.


7. Ownership is only transferred after payment has been made in full and the auctioned items are handed over after payment has been fully credited.


8. Payment can be made by bank transfer, check or cash within 14 days of the auction. Then the buyer should decide how the goods should pass into his possession. Pickup or shipping (UPS, DHL or forwarding agency). The order for shipping is placed in writing by the buyer and at his own expense. The auction house will be happy to organize the transport. In the case of self-collection, the packaging and securing of the auctioned goods is the responsibility of the buyer.


9. The purchase price is made up of the sum of the hammer price and the buyer's premium of 22% plus the statutory VAT of 19% only on the buyer's premium. In the case of LIVE bidders, there is a surcharge of 25% plus VAT.


10. After 14 days after the auction, the goods are no longer insured for the buyer and thus damage or theft will no longer be covered by the auctioneer. If the goods are not picked up afterwards, the auctioneer can have the goods stored for a fee. The costs are 10, - € per week or part thereof.


11. Items not sold at the auction are available for post-sale at the stated limit prices plus the premium.


12. A sale with reservation must first be clarified with the consignor.


13. The goods can be picked up on the Saturday after the auction from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Mondays to Thursdays from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., otherwise by special agreement.


14. By submitting a bid or submitting a written purchase application, the bidder expressly accepts the auction conditions.


15. Shipping to the customer: Pictures, frames with glass covers (watercolors, lithographs, etc.) can only be sent by post up to a size of max. 60 x 50 cm. The risk of glass breakage lies with the client.
Stucco frames, including oil paintings - especially on canvas - are only sent by post up to a size of max. 60 x 50 cm. The shipping risk lies with the client. From a size of 60 x 60 cm and more, delivery is only made by house forwarding or a requested carrier of the customer at the expense of the client. If desired, the auction item can be packed in a wooden box.
Shipping costs are made up of:
Packaging material, postage for post or forwarding agency. Wooden boxes on request are calculated from material and wages. All shipping costs are subject to VAT and are therefore billed. The shipping costs must be paid by the client in advance and after
Receipt of the account, the goods will be sent.


16. The place of jurisdiction and performance for all parties involved is Cologne.




Auction conditions for the consignor

Versteigerungsbedigungen für den Bieter
Versteigerungsbedigungen für den Einlieferer

1. The items listed in the auction contract or in a separate list are voluntarily auctioned against the highest bid in the name of and for the account of the client (consignor). The objects are the unrestricted property of the client, free of third party rights and are used. The auctioneer evaluates information regarding quality, completeness, authenticity, location, condition and time determinations made orally or in writing by the client as established facts and assured properties that he no longer has to check. In the case of factual aggregates, individual items are not designated.


2. The client pays a commission of 20% of the respective hammer price to the auctioneer plus statutory VAT. If the client withdraws the order in whole or in part, he has to pay 15% of the lower estimated price, not the limit, to the auctioneer and to reimburse the costs already incurred (photos, printing or film costs, etc.).


3. The items will be knocked down in accordance with the auction conditions. If a limit is agreed, it is noted in the list. Insofar as the client has not set a minimum price, the auctioneer will award the bid according to its due discretion.


4. The client waives estimates and appraisals by publicly appointed experts. If so desired, the costs are borne by the client.


5. The auction house bears all costs for carrying out the auction. All transport costs and special requests, such as insurance on transport, are paid by the client or the consignor.


6. The auction conditions binding for the buyer are set by the auction house. It is authorized to reserve the surcharge. Liability for receipt of the proceeds only exists after the purchase items have been handed over to the buyer. The auction house can collect and sue for purchase monies, arrears and ancillary costs on behalf of the client.


7. The auction proceeds will be paid out to the client approx. 4 weeks after the auction, which requires that the buyer has made the payment by this point in time. Offsetting against claims of the auctioneer against the client as well as the deduction of the final money owed to the auctioneer, special requests and cash payments are permitted. The client is responsible for transferring information in accordance with copyright law. The request for information according to § UStR is guaranteed.


8. Delivery and delivery, transport and storage of the auction items are carried out at the risk and expense of the client.


9. The auction house insures items for the duration of the preparation and the auction, plus 14 days after the auction against fire, burglary and water in the amount of the limit prices. There is no further liability. The sum insured is € 20 per contract. The client has no higher claims against the auctioneer than the auction house has against the insurer.


10. All liability expires 14 days after the auction at the latest. The items that have not been auctioned can then be stored with a freight forwarder in the name of the client at the client's risk and expense.


11. Goods that have not been auctioned can be freely sold to the limit. The agreed commission for the auction house remains. If it is agreed with the consignor that the objects will be taken over in the next auction, the objects will remain insured. The second appearance of the items means a 50% reduction in the limit price.


12. This contract contains all agreements between the client and the auction house as auctioneer. Oral subsidiary agreements require written confirmation.


13. I am aware that this contract is based on the auction terms and conditions. I have taken note of its content and I agree to its validity. Confirmation by signature.


14. Any acceptable offer up to an estimated price of € 150 can be knocked down in the auction.

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