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Shipping Regulations

The Bischoff auction house is happy to send you the auctioned items , but this is not our main business. Shipping is a service on our part, but we are not a transport company. We would therefore be happy if you pick up your objects from us on site within 14 days.


If you would like shipping, please let us know in writing so that we can calculate the shipping costs for postage and packaging plus VAT at cost price . Your auctioned goods will be carefully packed by our employees and, given the large number of packages that will be sent after the auction, we will try to send your items as quickly as possible. The package is always sent as an insured package. The delivery times are 1 to 3 weeks after receipt of payment of the shipping costs.


We also refer to § 447 BGB: Shipping is carried out on behalf and at the risk of the buyer. When you receive your goods, please take a close look at them and have any external damage confirmed by the deliverer. We assume no liability for any damage that may have been rejected by our insurer.


For large, sensitive (e.g. glass frames, etc.) and bulky objects (e.g. furniture, etc.) and / or a total weight of over 31 kg and / or a total value of over € 2500 - we will be happy to arrange a delivery for you with We cooperate with forwarding agents or additional cargo companies that we name when sending the invoice. Transport must be organized exclusively by the customer.

Large parts and heavy pieces of furniture cannot be loaded into vehicles to be brought by our employees, as the auction house does not have the human resources and liability must be excluded.

Furniture and objects that cannot be shipped, such as heavy bronzes, large lamps, large pictures (with glass frames), large stucco frames or mirrors, etc. can only be transported by a forwarding agency, which must be organized by the buyer himself.

Foreign customers please contact us directly for the purpose of transport organization.

Here are the contact details of some transport and additional cargo companies for their service and commissioning, but the auction house cannot accept any liability:




Transports Kaemmer
(only for Cologne)

0160 966 88581


Fine art transfer
 Michael Heincz

Andrew Zetzsche

Christian Wilkens 

Klaus Klietzing


Marcel Reinhold

0172 95 70 670


For the transport abroad (outside the EU, Switzerland, UK) of fragile objects such as whole porcelain service we recommend Mail Boxes Etc:

Mail Boxes Etc. 2678

Dennis Meißner Business Solutions

Grethenstrasse 21

50739 Cologne


Tel: 0221 34661374

Mbe2678 [a]






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