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Selling art at the auction house Bischoff :

Would you like to consign art to us and auction it off?


We are happy to give you free and non-binding estimates for your properties.


We auction antiques:

Interieur mit einer barocken Kommode und  Gemälden an der Wand

For larger collections, our experts will be happy to come to your home on request.


We sift through estates and auction them in our auction house.



You don't have the opportunity to come in person for an assessment?

We are happy to estimate your objects free of charge on the basis of photos.


Please send us photos of the front and back and the signature by email.

State the genre of art, artist and dimensions and further information (if known) such as work title, technique, year of creation, material and provenance.




Due to the high number of estimate inquiries, it may take a while before we can answer your inquiry. Please be patient.

Here you will find our auction conditions for consignments:


Transport (only in Cologne)

If you do not have the opportunity to deliver your objects to us personally, the Bischoff auction house will be happy to arrange for external transport companies.


We work with the transport company Kemmer, who are happy to deliver their precious objects to us:


Transports Kaemmer

Mr. Kaemmer


At the Vogelwäldchen 8

50126 Bergheim


0160 966 88581


transporte-kaemmer [a]


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